I am an Indianapolis-based composer, musician, visual artist and producer working on a global scale. I am a media-agnostic designer, creator and editor. I am concerned with the meta, the journey and the learning process.


  • Board of Directors -Girls Rock, Indy
  • Board of Directors - Klipsch Museum of Audio History
  • Herron School of Art + Design Alumnus
  • 48 Hour Film Project Winner: Best Film, Audience Favorite
  • Primary Colours’ Installation Nation: Best in Show
  • Produced, engineered and mastered thousands of commercial and independent tracks for other musicians
  • Created and administered the first Sound Behavior and Digital Audio class - Ivy Tech
  • Creative Director, Klipsch Audio
  • Punk Rock Night Album of the Year producer

Regarding SOUND
I make compositions using any instrument or technology I can get my hands on. My sounds are made extemporaneously with any available equipment, and vary wildly in style, approach, length production and mood.

Each album chronologically presents my compositions - a record of my time, influenced by life happening. Film scores, sound collages, pop songs, noise compositions, punk, folk, country, rock, metal, electronic, symphonic... whatever.

The plain truth is that I just love sounds. Even if they’re not organized into songs, or even pleasant. I like the contrast of textures, the impact of dynamics, the sweetness of melody and the vibrational math of harmonies. I like to break audio down and reconstruct it into something new. I create just for the sake of exploration, addressing larger issues of evolution and choice.

Regarding VISUAL ART
Using exploration as a mantra, I have dabbled in painting, sculpture, mixed media, sound, video, installation, found object and many other mediums.

An attempt is made to address techno-organic questions, digital footprint (echo) considerations and the challenges created by exponentially accelerating information gathering and processing. Is there ultimately humanity in evolution? Does efficiency remove the need for heart and soul? Is the goal really more, better, faster? Do we create the things that will destroy us?

My work represents a deeper dive into man's relationship with technology as a call-and-response tool. A mirror, to be sure, but who is on the other side?