by Matt Sommers

 I was thinking about soundtracks, surveillance and situations. I had spent time making short videos and wanted to apply what I learned to sonic endeavors. Perspective, setting and mood were on my mind. Some of this music is a study of the relationships between sounds. The opening track explores the conversation between two bass guitars, for instance. I was learning to play piano during these sessions, resulting in some jazzy compositions ("Jazz for 3"). Two Tin Lounge songs are covered here ("Body Type" and "Black Telephone") in an effort to revisit the brilliant song-writing of Jeff McClellen. The classic "Popcorn" was created by my daughter and her friends in my studio. "The Sound of One Drum" is a decomposition of one snare drum track I played, modified and distorted to bring out it's natural harmonic notes (later adding wine glass tones and other noises).