by Matt Sommers

Continuing towards structured songs with real instruments, this album represents various recordings that happened quickly. I was building steam and learning about studio efficiency. Three Serum 114 songs ("Big Man", "If I Could Be With You" and "The Prime") were tracked, as I was also working on that band's anthology at the time and became inspired. Odd themes like "Transparency" also surfaced, beginning a long-term love affair with soundtrack writing. "All That I Need" was recorded with Allison Eisenhauer for her wedding. Tommy Burnes left that message on my friend Trey's voicemail. Couple of weird mash ups (Joni Mitchell & AC/DC?) The album ends with "Untitled II", an interesting sound collage of various bits of audio I had laying on my hard drive. My voice from two radio interviews (WFBQ & WIBC) appears on that track, and my daughter Josie does, too.