Bet Yer Ass

by Matt Sommers

This album is 100% true! Put on your favorite headphones and feel the difference! Music is good! Bet Yer Ass is a healthy combination of sounds you wish were in your life sooner. Sad for you, but now is not too late!

1, 2, 3…. listen with joy!

Technical details: The Bet Yer Ass sessions began as a series of test recordings for a newly-built guitar pedalboard. Long passages of extemporaneous guitar twang, wash and crunch were tracked and then chopped into a dozen or so basic themes. Layers of acoustic bass, drum machine, vintage synths & keys, turntablism, live drums and miscellaneous percussion were added. Please be assured, all acoustic (transducer) and electronic (digital) sounds are integrated nicely, and with love. Plus, it’s instrumental, so you can work and listen. #bonus #valueadded