by Matt Sommers

The end of 2005 was rough. Every word seemed twisted and every relationship was strained. My artistic reaction was to turn everything up to 11 and let the ugliness stand out. Dark songs and deep textures revealed many warts. Hiss, hum and buzz were allowed to exist. With very little editing and a free-form attitude, this may be my best effort ever producing a seamless body of work. This album exploded out of the gate. I encourage you to listen to it with headphones, in one sitting. Vague machinery, bits of technobabble and raw instruments seem to seek each other out in sympathy. This collection also contains bizarre twists on Bob Segar (Fire lake) and Supertramp (Breakfast) covers, because they felt right. "Lost" was written with Gregg Kendall. My daughter, Josie, sets the mood on "Grace". For an angry, dark and ugly album, strangely enough, this one is beautiful.