by Matt Sommers

I started integrating other artists into my solo work. "I Can See the Light" features Dan Niswander. "U Were the 1" was written with Jeff Sample. "Minotaur" was written with Lisa Ruth for a short film. "Sky Dome" used an old cassette LonPaul Ellrich gave me years ago (That's his friend's voice on the track). Feeling nostalgic, I wrote a song for my father, and my grandma (Lois Meyers) makes an appearance. That's real rain on "Rain", BTW. Tom Morehead's voice is heard on "Punx". "Little Bit of Love" is a harsh emotional dump, but I love the guitar solo. The album opens with a polyrhythmic groove and an odd Pink sample, and quickly goes to stranger places. The cover is a reference to "too much of a good thing". This one is bursting.